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What is the best time to buy apples by the bushel and can i get apoles that havent been sprayed so they will get mellow quicker

Apples are harvested in September and October

do you have plenty apples left

Thats funny!

Can you dine-in


Do you still have plenty of apples?


Does the business take debit or credit cards?


Do I need reservations for approximately 14 people for a week day?

For that many people I would say yes.

Do you serve breakfast?

Yes, they have a really good breakfast.

Is the restaurant open the month of November

The food quality is definitely not what is touted to be especially when it comes to the dumplings that they offer. They are just pieces of flavorless dough. There are many restaurants in that area that all offer "Southern cuisine" and try to pass it off as home cooking. It is not home cooking!! As many times as I have been in that area I have not found a restaurant of their that offers truly Southern cuisine cooked like My grandmother or mother Cooks. Another issue that we had at that restaurant was the person who manages it is not a friendly person at all. The only problem that we ran into was the quality of food and for customer service. When I pointed out the fact that the food was so salty it was inedible , The manager was rude and did not all for to rectify the problem at all. It was the if she took offense at me pointing out the obvious. There was several tables who had exactly the same problem. Don't waste your money on the restaurant but the produce side is great!!

Is the apple cider made locally?

Couldn't be fresher or more local. Right there.

Do you still get fritters with every meal?

No- we were here in Aug. 2020 and this did not come with our meal. We were offered 6 for $2 something or 12 for $4.50 or something like that. We opted to get them because hello! And it was worth it- the apple butter was delicious but fritters and cider did NOT come with our meals (Can’t say I blame them). Would have been heavenly if it did though!

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